Men's Premium Quality Lederhosen Hartmut Grey
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Men's Premium Quality Lederhosen Hartmut Grey

Great quality and workmanship in these medium-grey suede leather lederhosen. The skins are processed and dyed using plant-based products, to be both environmentally responsible and give the leather an extremely soft pliable feel. They have a velvet-soft texture, and are comfortable to wear right "breaking-in" necessary. Slight shine or "patina" has been applied to pockets and other areas where it would normally occur. Belt features a nicely detailed solid brass and steel buckle with a central elk stag motif. Inseam measures 8-3/4 inches.

**Sizing Note** Lederhosen waist sizes reflect your *actual waist measurement in inches* and NOT your North American trouser size. All lederhosen have a pleat in the waistband, which when opened gives an additional 1 to 1 1/2 inches. This is reflected in the waist measurements given for each size.

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