Lederhosen Seppl 3 Color Choices
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Lederhosen Seppl 3 Color Choices

Available in Dark Brown; Distressed Brown; Black

Traditional kneebundhosen with suspenders and crosspiece, embroidered with contrasting light taupe/natural colour motifs on crosspiece, front flap, and along side and back seams. There is a pleat in the back of the waistband that allows waist to be adjusted upwards by just over an inch (2.5 cm). The same style of pleat with laces is used at the cuffs, to adjust for larger calf diameter and to allow space for full knee-length socks to be worn.

Leather/suede is a natural material, so some slight variations in colour and/or texture should be expected. Over time, and with wear, your lederhosen will acquire a "patina" (darkened, slightly smooth finish) in the areas where they are exposed to wear, usually along the top of the pockets, front of the legs/knees, and on the seat. This is normal and desirable!
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