Lederhosen Hermann Hand Dyed Granite Sand
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Lederhosen Hermann Hand Dyed Granite Sand

Another pair of super-soft and supple lederhosen that are comfortable to wear right away...no "breaking in" required! Traditional tanning and dying techniques (environmentally friendly) give a great neutral taupe/grey colour, with subtle variations and a velvet-soft suede texture. Slightly darker grey thread is used for the embroidered elements, which have been carefully distressed to reveal the lighter colour of the leather underneath to provide understated contrast.

Belt with brass finish buckle shown is included. No suspenders available for these shorts.

Inseam measures 10 inches/25 cm to fall just to or slightly above the knee on most men.

***Sizing Note: Sizes shown reflect your *actual waist measurement in inches* NOT your North American trouser size! Please measure your waist at the level your trousers normally sit, and order the closest size, bearing in mind that all lederhosen have a pleat at the back of the waistband that when fully opened increases the size of the waistband by a maximum of approximately 1 1/2 inches. *If in doubt, please contact us and we will provide flat measurements of the garment, for comparison to trousers that currently fit you.
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