Lederhosen Carl Antique Brown with Belt and Suspenders
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Lederhosen Carl Antique Brown with Belt and Suspenders

Great pair of distressed brown shorts in super-soft suede are comfortable to wear right off the rack...no "breaking-in" period required! They are versatile, too, as they come with both suspenders and a matching belt. Traditional elements include neutral contrast embroidery, horn buttons at waist and at the side seam of the lower leg. Pleat in back waistband allows for expansion of about 1 1/2 inches - perfect for those who may be between sizes.

***SIZING NOTE*** The measurements given reflect the ACTUAL WAIST MEASUREMENT *not your North American trouser size*. Please be sure to take an accurate measurement on your body of where the waistband of the shorts will sit, or take a flat measurement of a pair of trousers you currently wear (zipped, buttoned and laid flat on a table, measure side to side across waistband, multiply x2 = size to order).
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