Fabric Panel for Dirndl Apron Blue and Fuchsia
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Fabric Panel for Dirndl Apron Blue and Fuchsia

Fabulous rich royal blue poly brocade fabric with border print of black textured stripes and fuchsia florals...so pretty! The upper portion/background fabric features tone-on-tone tiny flower buds scattered across it.

Overall fabric width is 170cm/70 inches, and the border runs widthwise; sold in cut lengths of one meter/39.5 inches. Cut strips from one side of the fabric to make the ties, which will leave sufficient width of fabric to make a nice, full apron. You can also use satin or polished cotton to make a contrasting band and ties...fuchsia would be very pretty with this fabric.

This very high-quality fabric is woven in Germany using traditional methods and vintage looms.
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